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YINGLI SOLAR - Panda 265 Serie - YL245C-30b/ YL250C-30b / YL255C-30b / YL260C-30b/ YL265C-30b

YINGLI SOLAR – Panda Series
YINGLI SOLAR – Panda Series

At a glance:

  • 245 to 265 Wp output
  • Efficiency of up to 16.2 %
  • Performance guarantee*: 25 years overall performance guarantee: For the first year at 98 %, for the next 10 years at 92 %, for the next 25 years at 82 % of the minimal rated power output
  • Product guarantee*: 10 years

 * The manufacturer’s terms and conditions of guarantee apply

Yingli Solar

Yingli Solar is one of the leading PV solar module manufacturers in China. The company is rapidly expanding its production volume and is vertically integrated from ingots through to module manufacturing. Yingli Solar modules have already demonstrated their high performance and reliability in several large MW projects in Germany.

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