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Our Team

The people behind Phoenix Solar

Our management and our team have long-standing experience in the domestic and international photovoltaic industry. They promote the successful development of the company.

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Our team

  • Vassilis Zorbas, General Manager, Mechanical Engineer (MBA)
  • Theodoros Manolidis, Logistics & Marketing, Environmental Studies (TE) 
  • Aris Chliaoutakis, Senior Planning Engineer, Mechanical Engineer (TE)
  • Nikos Themelis, Bid Manager, Mechanical Engineer (ΠΕ)
  • Evgenios Doukas, Site Engineer, Mechanical Engineer (TE)
  • Εleftherios Foukarakis, Site Engineer, Electrical Engineer (ΠΕ)
  • Maria Talfanidou, Design Engineer, Energy and Technology Engineer (TE)
  • Nikos Vasilikos, Design Engineer, Civil Engineer (TE)
  • Antonis Gkoumas, Accountant, Economist (ΠΕ)
  • Katerina Papaioannou, Operation & Maintenance Services, Electrical Engineer (ΠΕ)




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