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Our Product Portfolio

Quality and reliability of all components

We sell not only our own products but also selected components by our brand partners. Whether solar modules, inverters or complete assembly systems, the quality and reliability of all components are crucial to a photovoltaic power plant’s ability to generate the best possible return. We select just the right products for your photovoltaic power plant in order to ensure the cost-effective and smooth operation of your plant for the next 20 years and beyond.

Our modules

The quality and optimum use of module technology are critical for the yield and profitability of your solar power plant. Phoenix Solar offers you a wide range of all module technologies (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film) from top-notch manufacturers worldwide. Our module manufacturers have their own research departments in order to guarantee the resilience and yield potential of their solar modules. 

Our inverters

A solar power plant is only as good as its inverter. The inverter manages the system and is therefore a central element in delivering your electricity yield. Our portfolio includes products from several inverter manufacturers for all kinds of installations.

Our roof top mounting systems

TectoFlat, TectoSun 3 and TectoSmart are mounting systems developed by Phoenix Solar. Working in close collaboration with independent structural engineers, particular emphasis was placed on durable stability and quick, cost-effective assembly.

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