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Photovoltaics for safe investments in the future

Climate protection – a clear signal to investors

Photovoltaic systems are safe investments with long-term and calculable returns that meet high investor requirements in full. This sends a clear signal to investment companies, insurance companies and banks, as well as to public institutions and municipalities, encouraging them to choose Phoenix Solar as their partner for investments in renewable energy projects.

The advantages for investors:

  • Our long time experience in the construction of solar power plants in the construction of solar power plants
  • A leading international system integrator specialising in photovoltaics as professional partner
  • A listed company experiencing healthy expansion with sales that are growing at an above-average rate
  • Investments in solar power plants mean safe and above-average returns in the long term
  • Comprehensive management and maintenance services for maximum yield throughout the contractual period


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Flagship Projects

Since 1999 Phoenix Solar has sold or installed more than one gigawatt solar modules. Find out more about our flagship projects. Our unique experience in roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar power plants is what sets us apart.

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