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The Benefits of a Partnership

We share a common goal

You as a tradesman and installer and we as a specialist wholesaler in the photovoltaic sector pursue a common goal: We both want to be successful in this young, sustainable market. What could be better than working together in a partnership which will benefit us both?

And what could be more promising for maximising our success and performance than a combination of your sound expertise and practical skills with photovoltaic systems and our know-how gathered from more than a decade of developing and selling innovative technologies?

Benefiting from one another

The challenges of a competitive environment are growing, which means that marketing is an increasingly important aspect for operating successfully in the markets. On top of consulting and installation, however, active marketing often proves to be a time-consuming additional task.

A partnership with Phoenix Solar will give you access to extensive marketing activities and tools and the support you need for developing your regional solar market with selected materials.

The Partnership Programme of Phoenix Solar

Phoenix Solar offers a product portfolio which ranks among the world’s best and, like no other company in this field, has shaped technology developments for more than a decade.

The benefits of the Phoenix Solar Partner Programme at a glance:

  • Sales support through marketing material
  • Competitive advantage thanks to cutting-edge information
  • Generating fresh sales
  • Joint presence in the market as a photovoltaic retail partner of Phoenix Solar AG


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Making energy together