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Grid connected versus off grid

Phoenix Solar has been delivering tailored PV solutions for over 10 years. We take a thorough and professional approach to finding solutions for our clients which optimise yields by minimising costs and maximising energy production.

Phoenix Solar’s full systems integration services for solar PV projects range from project development to operations with maintenance and inspection. With our proven capabilities in engineering, procurement and construction, we cover the following applications:

Grid-connected systems

Phoenix Solar has installed over one gigawatt grid connected systems worldwide. We are the market leaders in Singapore & Malaysia for rooftop and BIPV grid-connected solutions and have the proven track record to deliver solutions for you.

Domestic Rooftops
Solar homes that generate electricity with zero harmful emissions are homes of the future. Cost effective and aesthetically pleasing, they are also clean, low-maintenance and can reduce homeowners’ utility bills. As an EPC contractor, we work in conjunction with architects, contractors, vendors and homeowners to deliver solutions that are tailored to the homeowners’ exact needs and financial specifications.

Commercial BIPV (Building Integrated PV)
Imagine buildings that generate electricity rather than just consume. Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems can enhance building sustainability and design. They also reduce your power bills. Phoenix Solar works with our partners to ensure that our BIPV solutions are aesthetically elegant, performance oriented, financially viable and gentle on the environment.


Off-grid solutions

Off grid solar power is an extremely cost-effective and reliable solution for communities or industrial applications where grid electricity is unavailable or too expensive to install. Phoenix Solar solutions use best-of-breed components to ensure that your off-grid system delivers consistent results with minimal maintenance.

Village systems
In Asia, governments and NGOs are beginning to recognise the viability of renewable energy systems as a real and sustainable solution for rural environments. Phoenix Solar has the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide solar PV solutions for village electrification, drawing upon our experience in Asia to provide maximum efficiency and reliability.

PV powered systems are an ideal source of energy supply for all manner of industrial applications that are remotely located, or simply do not have easy and cheap access to the grid. These industrial applications can vary from telecom repeater stations and lighthouses in remote locations, to signboards and traffic lights in urban areas. One thing in common is the need for 100% reliability of these systems. At Phoenix Solar, we understand this need and have the right solutions for you.


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