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How does it work?

Putting the sun to work for you

  • The solar modules 1 generate direct current from sunlight.
  • The mounting system ensures the permanent load-bearing and robust attachment of the solar modules to your roof.
  • Inverter 2 converts the direct current into alternating current so that it can be fed into the grid.
  • PV generation meter 3 records your electricity yields for billing at the energy supplier.
  • The existing house connection 4 to the public grid continues to be used.
  • Power meter 5a records the amount of electricity you take from the public grid.
  • The reference and feed-in meter (bi-directional meter) 5b records the electricity taken from the public grid and the amount of electricity fed into the public grid.*
Putting the sun to work for you
Putting the sun to work for you

Whether solar modules, inverters or complete assembly systems, it is ultimately the quality and reliability of all components that are the most important prerequisites for long-term, secure yield and return from your solar plant.

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