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Phoenix TectoFlat

Phoenix TectoFlat
Phoenix TectoFlat

Phoenix TectoFlat

The system developed by Phoenix Solar combines functionality with weight-optimised aerodynamics and thus provides the perfect solution for all flat roof models. TectoFlat can be constructed with both laminates and framed modules and, thanks to its inherently low weight,
is particularly suited for roofs with minimum load reserves.
In addition, by optimising the material used it has been possible to achieve a significant reduction in price relative to comparable solutions.

The advantages at a glance:


  • Suited for framed modules and laminates
  • Can be deployed on all standard flat roof types: concrete, membranes, bituminous sheeting, gravel, trapezodial sheet and even inverted roofs
    Module tilt angle gradually adjustable between 12° and 29°

Weight optimisation and mounting

  • Low point loads due to evenly spread load distribution on the roof and aerodynamic design
  • Particularly suited for roofs with low load reserves
  • Rapid installation thanks to preassembly and low number of individual parts
  • No roof penetrations (except with profiled metal sheet roofs

Quality and price

  • Low costs thanks to the use of innovative and proven materials
  • Wind tunnel and structural tests by independent institutes confirm secure stability
  • Material warranty: 10 years

TectoSun 3 instruction video

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