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Phoenix TectoSmart

Phoenix TectoSmart
Phoenix TectoSmart

Phoenix TectoSmart

The specific characteristic of the insertion system for roof-integrated and roof-mounted installations lies in the planeparallel design, which enables full-surface roof coverage. In this way, even smaller roof surfaces can be used in the best possible way, and overall even more sunlight is converted into environmentally friendly power.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Weight optimisation
    TectoSmart replaces the roof cladding of the surface to be covered completely. Thanks to the integrated system it relieves the burden of the overall structural load
  • Multiple functions
    TectoSmart is suitable for all standard pitched roofs with floating installation of the modules – horizontally as well as vertically
  • Long service life
    High-quality materials (aluminium and stainless steel) guarantee an extremely long service life
  • Cost efficiency
    Save twice with new buildings: planning with TectoSmart will not only save you working time; you can also use the system as alternative roof cladding
  • Functional optics
    The dual-level structure ensures seamless, continuous integration of modules into the roof surface, while at the same time contributing to good rear ventilation

Tectosmart instruction video

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