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Annual General Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When and where will Phoenix Solar AG’s next Annual General Meeting take place?


2. Can all shareholders participate in the Annual General Meeting and how and where can I register?

Shareholders who have registered with the company in writing by the deadline date are entitled to take part in the Annual General Meeting and exercise their voting rights. Written confirmation of share ownership from the custodian in German or English must be enclosed with the registration. The confirmation must refer to the beginning of the 21st day before the date of the Annual General Meeting.


3. How can I exercise my right to vote?

All shareholders may exercise their right to vote at the Annual General Meeting themselves or through a proxy, for example, a banking institution, a shareholders’ association or another person of their choice. The granting of the proxy, its revocation and evidence of the proxy for the company must be produced in writing. Shareholders can also be represented by proxies nominated by the company who are bound to vote in line with instructions. The proxy is obliged to vote in line with instructions. In the event that no instruction is issued, the company proxy will hold the vote.


4. As a shareholder, do I have a right to information at the Annual General Meeting?

All shareholders may request information from the Executive Board at the Annual General Meeting on company matters, the company’s legal and business relationships with associated companies and the position of the Group and companies included in the consolidated financial statements, provided the information is required for the proper evaluation of an agenda item.


5. How can I propose a counter-motion as a shareholder?

In accordance with Section 126 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), shareholders can put forward a countermotion to a proposal from the Executive Board or Supervisory Board on certain agenda items. Such countermotions must be sent to a company address given in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting by two weeks before the day of the Annual General Meeting at the latest. Countermotions will be published on the Internet, including the shareholder’s name and the reasons for them, immediately upon receipt.


6. Is the Annual General Meeting broadcast online?

No, not to date.


7. Where can I find more information on current and past Annual General Meetings?

The invitation to the Annual General Meeting, the documents to be made available, motions from shareholders, additional notes on the rights of shareholders in accordance with Section 122 para. 2, Section 126 para. 1, Section 127 and Section 131 para. 1 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) and other information relating to the Annual General Meeting can be obtained here.


Corporate Presentation (PDF, 2604 KB)

Please find here our corporate presentation for download (as of May, 2017).

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