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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does the Corporate Governance Code contain?

The German Government Commission, appointed in September 2001 by the Federal Minister of Justice, approved the German Corporate Governance Code on 26 February 2002. This code aims to make the rules applying to the management and supervision of companies in Germany transparent to national and international investors to increase trust in the corporate governance of German companies.


2. How much importance does Phoenix Solar AG attach to corporate governance?

We attach great importance to effective and responsible corporate governance and therefore support the German Corporate Governance Code. The current Declaration of Conformity of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board can be viewed here.


3. How high is Executive Board remuneration?

The Executive Board members receive fixed, non-performance-related and variable, performance-related remuneration components. This ensures the performance and responsibility of individual Executive Board members is rewarded based on the financial position and success of the company. The issuing of share options represents a component with a long-term incentive aimed at enhancing the company’s future development. The current Remuneration Report, which contains further details, can be found here.


4. How high is Supervisory Board remuneration?

The remuneration contains fixed, non-performance-related and variable, performance-related elements, taking account of the Supervisory Board members’ workload and the company’s financial position. The current Remuneration Report, which contains further details, can be found here.


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Please find here our corporate presentation for download (as of May, 2017).

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