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Here you will find our annual and interim reports for download, the online version of the yearly financial reports as well as other relevant documents and links.


Annual Report 2013

In February 2013, Phoenix Solar AG completed the process of strategically realigning the Group's business towards the US and Asian growth regions and closed its former project and trading business operated from Germany. How important and well targeted this move was becomes obvious when looking at the 2103 results. Revenues in both key regions more than doubled in the course of the year, while revenues in Europe dropped to half. Earnings before interest and tax improved massively we posted only small operating losses and for the first time again we yielded a positive cash flow from operations. If our subsidiaries in the USA and Asia will succeed in consolidating their sales successes in 2013 and in continuing their expansion our return to the profit zone will be accomplished in line with our planning. Additional potential may arise from the new business model independent from government subsidies which are currently being tested in Germany.

Interim Reports 2013

First Quarter

Second Quarter

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