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Here you will find our annual and interim reports for download, the online version of the yearly financial reports as well as other relevant documents and links.


Annual Report 2014

Today our company is strongly anchored in the international project business, above all through our presence in the USA, south-east Asia and the Middle East as an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor for solar photovoltaic power plants. We are already seeing success in these new high-growth markets, particularly in the USA. Major new orders received in recent weeks are the result of dedicated work by competent local teams for our customers and business partners. These confirm that we are moving steadily towards achievement of the goals laid out a year ago albeit with some delay but, in our view, with solid prospects for a sustainable business in the current and coming years.
In 2015, therefore, we expect consolidated revenues in the range of EUR 140 to 160 million and a return to positive earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT).
Our ultimate goal remains: build solar photovoltaic plants for customers and investors to the highest standard, to reliably achieved planned output for many years to come. This is our core business and a major opportunity for us to prosper in the growing global solar market.

Interim Reports 2014

1st Quarter

2nd quarter

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