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Status and Perspectives 2017

On the path to profitable growth.

Global PV Markets Forecast
Global PV Markets Forecast

Worldwide, solar power is being increasingly harnessed to generate clean energy. The global solar energy sector continues to chart a highly dynamic course. Since the inception of our company we have built systems delivering more than 800 MWp of nominal output, daily renewing our contribution to the battle against climate change. We are active on international photovoltaic markets that are growing rapidly and will continue to report upbeat growth for many years to come - as our technology is competitive and becoming increasingly independent of policy factors. Demand for our services continues to rise.

Customers and partners ascribe us an excellent reputation– we deliver photovoltaic power plants on time and on budget, offering superior performance and returns for investors and operators. This alone secures further good business prospects for us – but these are just the foundations on which we continue to build.

Duke Energy, Fayetteville, USA
Duke Energy, Fayetteville, USA

In our USA, Middle East and Asia-Pacific sales regions, we will expand into new national markets on a targeted and measured basis. And we aim to gradually add further steps of the value chain to our core business, especially in the project development area. We have done a lot in 2016 to improve efficiency for our projects – in particular, we have realigned purchasing and supply processes, creating further competitive advantages for ourselves. Our highly professional estimating and bidding team also secures us additional profitability.

Higher gross profit margins and further operating result improvements show we are progressing well. It is only for the current 2017 full financial year, however, that we are aiming to generate a net profit. New refinancing steps will further accelerate this turnaround.

To sum up – Phoenix Solar AG is on track to profitable growth.

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