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Premium quality by Phoenix Solar

The most stringent quality standards are the ones we set ourselves

With photovoltaic systems, quality has its reward in the long term: on the one hand, the investment always pays off and, on the other hand, the plant is designed to deliver a high return throughout the contractual period and beyond.

There is a tremendous potential to be tapped in the selection of the right components and in technical implementation.

Quality and safety are our top priorities

Phoenix Solar only incorporates products into its portfolio if they have successfully undergone and passed extensive quality checks. The product approval process includes:

• Examining technical aspects (such as electrical and mechanical properties)
• Obtaining and assessing all certifications
• Short- and long-term tests on resilience and efficiency in diffuse light
• Reviewing system costs and system compatibility
• If required, electroluminescence measurement conducted by independent institutes

Furthermore, we review economic aspects such as credit standing, the business plan and capacities of our suppliers, carry out site inspections, as well as check the conditions of guaranteed payments and financing options.
All these measures ensure that only the best components from top manufacturers are admitted to the portfolio.

One of our key areas of expertise: certified power plant construction

We plan, build, operate and monitor solar power plants in the multi-megawatt category for a range of customers, including local authorities and energy suppliers – on open areas and on industrial and commercial rooftops. All building processes are certified as part of our quality management system.

The five stages of quality assurance



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