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Become a clean energy supplier

Leveraging solar to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)

Today, anyone investing in renewable energies is ensuring a sustainable electricity supply for the future.

Phoenix Solar offers great flexibility for strategic partnerships, tailoring packages to individual wishes and requirements. We put together the entire project and, if required, manage the entire project through to completion and connection to the grid.

Utilities, public-sector institutions, and government benefit from:

  • Our twelve years of specialization in photovoltaics and our expertise in building large-scale plants
  • Our technical expertise with the latest technologies and our own top-quality solutions
  • Extensive commercial consulting and the availability of financing options
  • Diverse service offerings for operation and maintenance during the operational period
  • Environmentally-friendly electricity generation without harmful emissions caused by radiation, pollution or noise


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Solar Projects

Phoenix Solar has sold more than one gigawatt globally. Find out more about our flagship projects. Our unique and robust experience in roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar power plants sets us apart.

Making energy together