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In mid 2010, the Parliament adopted a new law on Renewable Sources of Energy (N3851/2010, Gov. 85A, 4-6-2010), which makes important changes regarding the licensing of PV systems. Defined as a national goal the coverage of Renewable Sources of Energy (RES) of at least 40% of gross electricity consumption by 2020.

More specifically, the national target for PV is 1.500 MWp installed by 2014 and a total of 2.200MWp by 2020.The professional farmers will get 750 MWp (500 MWp by 2014 and a total of 750 MWp by 2020) and the rest will be distributed to all other investors (1.000 MWp by 2014 and 1.450 MWp in total in 2020). The residential sector is not included in these limits and can be developed without restrictions.

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