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It’s worth consuming your own electricity

Stir up the electricity market

Statutory amendments are revolutionising the electricity market. Since 2009, the electricity produced by solar power plants has been tapped to meet on-site demand, either in full or in part. The electricity generated by the solar power plant that you do not consume yourself is fed into the public grid at the normal feed-in tariff rate.

Operate your domestic appliances with your own green electricity

Every household needs energy. Anyone wanting to generate this energy intelligently, economically and, above all, in an environmentally friendly manner is investing in the future when installing a solar power plant. With a solar power plant on the roof of your own home, you convert solar energy directly into electrical energy, which you can then either use yourself or feed into the public grid. This means you are not only less dependent on your energy supplier, but you also make an active contribution to climate protection.

Your regional solar partner

Phoenix Solar has a network of more than 500 qualified and highly trained partners, including photovoltaic, electricity and other specialised companies. No detail is too small for our partners when ensuring the on-schedule completion of your solar power plant, as well as smooth and profitable operation. Phoenix Solar and its customers aspire to convert sunlight as effectively as possible into electricity – throughout the lifetime of the plant.

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