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First Solar – FS-272 / FS-275 / FS-277 / FS-280

The advantages at a glance:

  • 72.50, 75, 77.50 und 80 Wp power output available
  • Tested in a RAL certificated process, independent of the manufacturer
  • Highest efficiency for thin film modules of up to 11.11% and stable output power provide reliably high performance over a period of many years
  • Reliable power generation through high temperature tolerance and high performance, even in diffuse sunlight
  • Performance guarantee*: 25 years at 80 %, 10 years at 90 % of the minimal rated power output
  • Frameless solar module
  • Pre-funded end-of-life take back and recycling

* Our terms and conditions of guarantee apply

First Solar

First Solar has consistently focused on thin-film technology and is one of the international leading manufacturers of solar modules, primarily in the larger solar power plant sector. The company manufactures solar modules using a highly-developed semi-conductor coating process that reduces module manufacturing costs whilst ensuring high performance yields in the field.

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