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Suntech-STP200-18/UD / STP205-18/UD / STP 210-18/UD

The advantages at a glance:

  • 200, 205 and 210 Wp power output available
  • Tested in a RAL certificated process, independent of the manufacturer
  • Polycrystalline high-performance modules with an efficiency of up to 14.28 %
  • Stable output power provides reliable high performance over a period of many years
  • Performance guarantee*: 25 years at 80 %, 12 years at 90 % of the minimal rated power output

* The manufacturer‘s terms and conditions of guarantee apply


Suntech Power was founded in 2001 in China and already ranks among today’s leading manufacturers of solar cells and modules worldwide. The company operates its own ultra-modern development department and works according to strict quality guidelines. Suntech places special emphasis on continuously optimising the ratio between manufacturing costs and module performance, thus increasing the profitability of solar power over the long-term.

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