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Our services at a glance

Comprehensive support in every project phase

We lay the foundations for the success of your photovoltaic project. We give you the key to your turnkey solar power plant. And we make sure that you will profit from your investment in renewable energies for a long time to come.

1. Consulting and Planning

  • Legal, economic and technical feasibility study
  • Optimal interaction of all components and systems
  • Calculation of the potentially suitable surface area
  • Examination of the feed in possibilities


2. Project development

  • Comprehensive calculations of economic viability and profitability
  • Initiation and handling of obtaining all approvals
  • Examination and adoption partially developed or already approved projects
  • Selection of suitable partners and investors
  • Obtaining official permits and approvals
  • Technical cooperation with energy suppliers


3. Construction & Implementation

  • Control of site preparation
  • Coordination of all construction activities as well as management and control, completion and comissioning by the respective deadlines
  • Completion, commissioning and compensation area development
  • Connecting to the public grid


4. Plant Operation and maintenance services

  • Seamless system monitoring
  • Securing and optimisation of maintenance
  • Fault management
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Upkeep and repair
  • PV site maintenance and module cleaning



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